Pilot project for international professionals (PuMa) was launched in Baden-Württemberg

2016-11-15 - Category : Working in Germany

The Point-Based Modell Project for Foreign Skilled Workers (German Abbreviation PuMa) opens up access to the German labor market for a limited number of qualified workers from non-EU countries. The project is restricted to the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

In October 2016 the point-based model project for international professionals (PuMa) was launched in Baden-Württemberg. Thus, non-EU nationals with a recognized vocational qualification are given the opportunity to work in a profession, which is not on the whitelist of the Federal Employment Agency (BA).

In the PuMa process, the focus is on the immigrants’ capacity for integration. The skilled employees must reach a total of 100 points in defined criteria, for example language skills and previous stays in Germany, to prove their ability to integrate. Special attention is paid to the German language skills: Qualified professionals may have direct access to the German labour market if they can prove German knowledge on at least B2 level of the common European Framework of Reference of Languages. In the case that a candidate has language skills on A2 or B1 level, he or she must additionally prove a special attachment to Germany. With German skills under A2 level the access to the German labour market is not possible.

As soon as the vocational qualifications are recognised and the ability to integrate is proven with 100 points, the potential candidate is recorded in the applicant pool. Interested employers have access to this pool. With a job offer from a company in Germany the potential applicant can enter the country.

The pilot project PuMa is initially set up for a period of three years and the number of international professionals limited to 3000 (1000 per year).

For questions regarding the pilot project, international professionals can contact the Migration Support Centre (VWC) of the BA under the following telephone number: 0049 228 713-1313.

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