This is the cost of living in Germany

Albert Einstein once said: “The best things in life are not those which you get for money.” That may well be true. For everything else, Germans spent an average 2,391 euros per household every month in 2015. This amount varied considerably depending on the household’s income. For example, for monthly net income of between 3,600 and 5,000 euros, spending averaged 3,118 euros. Taking all income brackets together, Germans spent the most money on accommodation, energy and housing maintenance (859 euros). This was followed by food, drink and tobacco (332 euros). In 2013, in terms of expenditure, meat and meat products were the most popular food, accounting for 50 euros a month, closely followed by bread and cereal products, for just under 41 euros, and then dairy products and eggs, for 37 euros. But recreation and culture were not neglected: every month, Germans spend 252 euros on such activities as sports and cinema outings.