The "Welcome to Germany" Portal

Make it in Germany

“Make it in Germany” is the multilingual “Welcome to Germany” portal for international qualified professionals. It is run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. “Make it in Germany” informs qualified professionals who are interested in immigrating about their career prospects and shows them how to organise their move to Germany – and what makes it worthwhile to live and work here. The portal posts current vacancies in occupations where there is a labour shortage and provides information about the sectors in search of skilled workers. There are also presentations by international qualified professionals who have already forged a successful career for themselves here, while employers in Germany can get tips on how to go about recruiting skilled professionals from abroad.

In actual fact, “Make it in Germany” is more than just an information portal – it is the expression of a whole “culture of welcome”. It portrays Germany as a modern, diverse society and helps convey the friendly, cosmopolitan nature of the country.

The Qualified Professionals Initiative

Trends on the German labour market are looking good. The number of employed, at over 41 million, has never been higher. Yet at the same time, some sectors and regions are already lacking qualified professionals. If nothing is done, by 2025 demographic changes will create a shortfall of several million workers.

Politicians, management, labour and businesses are all unanimous that securing a supply of skilled professionals is going to be the crucial challenge of the years ahead. This is why the Federal Government has made this quest a key policy issue and in June 2011 submitted its concept for achieving it.

To encourage qualified professionals from all over the world to pursue a career in Germany, the country needs to establish a “culture of welcome” that incites people to stay here politics, society, public administration and business. With this in mind, the German government has eased the immigration rules:

  • It has made it easier to get professional qualifications that were obtained abroad recognised.
  • With the EU Blue Card, which was introduced in August 2012, academics from non-EU countries now have the possibility of working in Germany and living here with their families.
  • The amended Employment Ordinance of 1 July 2013 also opened up the labour market to non-EU professionals with vocational training.

Accompanying the government’s concept is a Qualified Professionals Initiative supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Employment Agency. The “Welcome to Germany” portal informs and raises awareness among the general public, businesses and qualified professionals about the need for skills, and bundles together information and support. It shows that if we combine all the potential in Germany and abroad, we can overcome the skills shortage. Accompanying the campaign to attract qualified professionals, networks, cooperative ventures and projects are also being built up.

The “Welcome to Germany Portal” is part of this Qualified Professionals Initiative. These efforts are underpinning the government’s measures to foster a culture of welcome and promote immigration by professionals with specific skills.

We cordially invite you to shape your future in Germany, at the heart of Europe. Come and be part of the “Make it in Germany” story – we look forward to seeing you!