Five reasons to study in Germany


Good career prospects

Studying at a German university could be your first step towards a career in Germany. Because German companies are looking for university graduates in a variety of sectors – especially in the fields of engineering, medicine, the life sciences and information technology.

You are advised to build contacts with suitable companies – for example by means of an internship – during your course of study. With your German degree, you can score points with internationally operating companies, since by moving to Germany you have proven that you are flexible and keen to learn, and that you are at ease in an international environment.

Studying in Germany can also pay off financially. Just remember that salaries differ from sector to sector and the amount depends on different factors such as the need on the labour market for certain qualifications or professional experience. On average, university graduates aged between 25 and 30 earned a gross salary of 3,537 euros in 2010.  Salaries usually rise the more professional experience you have, and so the 30-35 age category were earning an average gross salary of 4,768 euros a month. Students of mathematical and technical subjects, including information technology, have better salary prospects compared with the average for graduates.

Remember that as a rule, company employees have to pay social contributions and are protected by unemployment, health, nursing care, pension and accident insurance. In this case, the contributions are deducted directly from your salary. You can find out more about social security in Germany here.

You can find current job offers in the job exchange on the “Make it in Germany” Web site.

Studies in Germany briefly explained

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