Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering

Research in the German aerospace industry is an important component of Germany’s reputation as a centre of industry and technology. The industry bundles various strategic key technologies related to the exploration of the Earth and the solar system, research for preserving the environment, the development of environmentally compatible technologies for increasing mobility, and the areas of communication and security. With its 105,700 employees, the industry currently registers annual revenues of some €32.1 billion.

An expanding industry

The companies belonging to the industry are employers experiencing strong growth. The industry’s revenues in 2014 amounted to €32.1 billion – a 4.9 percent increase over the previous year. The field of civil aviation showed the largest share of revenue growth with 71 percent. The number of people employed in the industry also showed an increase of 0.2 percent, amounting to some 105,500 employees.

The important role of research

The German aerospace industry makes major investments in the areas of research and development. On average, companies in this industry invest around 17 percent of their revenues on these areas. The federal government supports these research activities through various programmes. Aerospace applications and research receive around €1 billion each year from the federal government, thus constituting the largest single area within Germany’s High-Tech Strategy. Besides the research and development carried out by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany’s membership in the European Space Agency (ESA) plays the largest role. Its support has contributed towards making Germany’s aerospace organisation the second-largest in Europe.

In the field of German aviation, the federal government supports research networks with the aim of achieving a competitive research infrastructure for German companies. The research emphasis in this area lies on the development of sustainable technologies for climate protection.

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