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Increasingly attractive career opportunities are opening up for international skilled workers at companies located in Germany. At the same time, Germany’s export-oriented economy remains very stable. A major contributing factor here is the German Mittelstand – Germany’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Employing some 15,7 million workers and accounting for around 55 percent of Germany’s total economic output, the Mittelstand could be called the engine of the German economy.

A good 99 percent of German companies are part of the Mittelstand. Four out of every five trainees go on to be hired by these companies. The German training system not only guarantees a high quality of training; it also contributes towards meeting companies’ needs for skilled workers.

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Germany’s strong tradition of research and innovation is also a major contributing factor in the positive economic situation. With over 32,000 patent applications, accounting for more than 12 percent of the applications filed at the European Patent Office, Germany is at the forefront of European innovation.

In order to maintain these positive trends in the economy and the employment market, it will be important for companies to be bolstered by well-trained professionals. However, certain industries and regions are already experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. Learn more about these industries here.

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