Medical technology

The demand for medical supplies is increasing around the world. This has helped the German medical technology industry to establish itself as one of the largest and fastest growing fields in the German health sector. The industry develops new technologies and medical products in areas such as clinical engineering, medical, X-ray and ultrasound imaging, rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine. Increasing digitisation in all areas of life and the economy as a whole is opening up new opportunities for the development of digital healthcare. The German government places great value on this and is promoting greater digitisation of processes in the healthcare supply chain of diagnostics, therapy and follow-up care. For example, software-assisted vision therapy via a computer screen is already helping to cure patients.

Wanted: Qualified staff

Wanted: Qualified staff

In the year 2015, companies from the medical technology industry produced revenues of around €28.4 billion. This represents a 11.6 percent increase over the previous year. A portion of these revenues can be attributed to the increasing worldwide demand for German-made premium products. The export rate was around 68 percent in 2015. According to data from Germany Trade & Invest, Germany’s medical technology market is Europe’s largest and the world’s third-largest. The industry’s predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises provide work for more than 195.000 people and are regarded as leaders of innovation on the world market. In 2014 alone, the German industry filed 1,381 patents and with that resembles the leading nation in Europe, ahead of France with 741 and the Netherlands with 471 applications. Recent Figures show that about 15 percent of the industry’s employees were active in research and development, and around 9 percent of its total revenues were invested in this field.

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