Steel and metal industry

The German steel and metal industry includes the steel, non-ferrous metals, foundry and steel and metal working industries. It is closely linked to other industrial sectors such as building and construction, the automotive industry, the electrical industry and mechanical engineering. As a basic industry, it develops new materials and intermediate goods, and thus contributes to the success of the process industries mentioned above which require a lot of steel and metal.

An employer with significant revenues

Steel and metal industry

As a result of its innovative capabilities and high-quality products, the German steel industry has established itself as a leading producer in the European Union. Around half of the production output is exported to other countries. In 2015, revenues amounted  to 37.8 billion euros. The non-ferrous metals and foundry industries are in similarly good competitive positions. At a European level, the German foundry industry is the undisputed leader in terms of production. Regarding the global level, it ranks fourth after China, the US and India. Just like the other branches of the steel and metal industry, the non-ferrous metals industry has experienced rapid growth after the recent economic crisis. In 2015 the number of employees was with a total figure of 120.000  approximately as high as in the year before and the production of 8.3 million tons exceeded the corresponding figure of the previous year by 0,7 percent. The non-ferrous metals industry expects a slight increase in production for the year 2016. The metal industry employs a large proportion of university graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In 2009, this group accounted for almost 60 percent of all university graduates employed in this industry.

Research that benefits the environment

In addition to developing new products, the German metal and steel industry focuses on objectives related to the energy, raw materials and the environment. The industry places particular emphasis on further improving the use of recycled materials. Recycled materials now account for 50 percent of the material used in the production process.

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