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Specialist knowledge from all over the world and German businesses – a successful combination. Here, international qualified professionals and employers in Germany tell us about how this is a source of mutual enrichment. Let their stories of living and working in Germany, their experiences and tips on how different nationalities can live together be an inspiration for you.

Rodrigo (trainee)

“I think the dual vocational courses in Germany are great; you get down to the practical work right away.”

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Francisco (doctoral candidate)

“Germans attach great importance to friendships.”

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Sergej (Doctor)

„I enjoy working in an international team.“

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Mirela (doctor)

„I've made lots of close friends in Germany.“

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Anca (Carer)

"It's nice to be needed here."

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Sri (Mechanical engineer)

"In Germany, there are lots of great things do with the family in your spare time."

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Tung (Software-Developer)

"Especially in my profession it is important to 'keep it rolling' and to improve oneself. Germany ist the perfect place for that."

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Maria (Software-Developer)

"Germany even brought me closer to my native country."

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Sundeep (Electrical Engineer)

"Germany is a great place for qualified professionals. It has an exemplary infrastructure and health system. And Germany guarantees freedom of religion!"

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Marie (Biochemist)

"If I ever do have children, Germany will be the perfect place for them to grow up in."

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Mani Häusliche Pflege

Successfully building networks for international recruitment

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AVL Software and Functions Ltd.

Successful diversity within the company

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HBS Elektrobau GmbH

Ensuring a supply of young qualified professionals by recruiting abroad

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Evopro systems engineering AG

Successfully integrating and retaining international qualified professionals in the long term

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