Job Listings

Are you interested in working in Germany? Here, you can hunt for vacancies in sectors where Germany has a shortage of qualified professionals. The vacancies are advertised by the Federal Employment Agency (BA).   

Depending on your home country, different conditions may apply to taking up employment in Germany. You can check out what possibilities are open to you on our Quick Check page.   

The job vacancies are written in the language in which the employer sent them to the Federal Employment Agency. Most of the vacancies on the job exchange are currently in German. To help you understand them better in the language of your choice, the free translation services available on the Internet may be of use to you.   

The advisors at the Federal Employment Agency’s International Placement Service (ZAV) will also be glad to help you in your search for a job. Send an e-mail in German or English to make-it-in-germany(at)arbeitsagentur.de or get advice by phone on +49 (0) 228 - 713 1313. You will find further job offers – including in sectors where there is currently no labour shortage – on the Federal Employment Agency job exchange.   

We hope your search will be a successful one!

Citizens from Croatia will need an EU work permit until June 30, 2015. For more information, click here or contact the International Placement Service (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA).