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You have obtained a university degree in Germany and would now like to set up a company that is not linked to the knowledge you acquired during your studies? For this purpose, you must apply for a residence permit for self-employment at your competent foreigners authority.


You are currently abroad and would like to set up a business in Germany?

In order to set up a business in Germany or to exercise a self-employed activity, you must apply for a visa for self-employment at the responsible German embassy in your area. Before applying for a visa, you may want to inform yourself about the documents you will require.

The following information might help you with your visa application:


Do other conditions have to be fulfilled in addition to the requirements for the residence permit?

Some professions have entry requirements. If you want to become self-employed in such a profession, you may have to provide proof of certain professional skills or the recognition of your professional qualification. Find out about the general requirements in the Setting up a business section


Questions regarding self-employment in Germany: 

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