Award winner 2013: Mani Häusliche Pflege

Successfully building networks for international recruitment

Mani Häusliche Pflege from Lüdenscheid is a family-run care service company founded twelve years ago. In order to counter the severe shortage of qualified staff in the care sector, the management also recruits nursing staff from Portugal.

Acting on its own initiative, the company management succeeded in setting up its own network to facilitate recruitment. This network is made up of universities, hospitals and a permanent contact in Portugal and provides prospective applicants with detailed information about their professional prospects in Germany while still in their home country. Once they arrive in Germany, the company provides them with a furnished flat and helps them through the administrative procedures. The Mani family also stands by them with advice and a helping hand for homesickness and other personal worries. To ensure that the new recruits feel at home in Lüdenscheid, they are also offered personal support in getting integrated socially.


„Our experience has shown that even small businesses ought to have the courage to recruit employees abroad and that they can explore new paths. We are delighted to be continuing down this path.“

Myra Mani, Managing Director Mani Häusliche Pflege

The future nurses already have a university nursing qualification from their home country, but since to work as a nurse in Germany requires proven level B2 language skills, the company provides free German and integration courses in Portugal. German courses continue to be provided in Germany until the new recruit’s nursing qualification is recognised. In the meantime, the recruits are employed as part-time nursing assistants.

For the company, recruiting employees from abroad is not just a question of filling vacant posts. It also provides fresh impetus, including in the ways of working. The additional language skills of these new recruits and their high level of training have enabled improved, strategic job processing.

Its successful concept for recruiting and integrating international qualified professionals has earned Mani Häusliche Pflege one of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy's 2013 “Diversity. Growth. Prosperity.” awards for businesses with the best “culture of welcome”.