Successful Integration

Finding foreign skilled workers for your company is an important step. But only the first one. Because after successful recruitment, your new employees not only have to make a start in a new company – but also in a new country, with a new language and culture, and new work colleagues. You can read how to make arriving and getting settled in Germany easier and also how to create the best possible conditions at work in our guide.

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Making people feel welcome at work © istockphoto / Squaredpixels

Your company will be a central part of the life of your foreign skilled workers. This is why they have to feel at ease and supported there. Not only their fellow colleagues but also the managers need to create a welcoming culture and actively help newcomers settle into day-to-day work. You can find out how to achieve this and how to inspire your existing staff here.

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Your new employees not only need your support in their everyday work. Additionally, you can make it easier for foreign workers to start life in Germany by providing practical assistance with moving, getting settled in and administrative formalities. We have compiled a list of areas where support will be of the greatest use. more

Fostering integration over the long term © istockphoto / LiudmylaSupynska

If you intend to employ foreign qualified professionals in the long term, you need to create the conditions for genuine integration during and outside working hours. Both managers and staff can do a lot to help make co-workers with different origins, experiences and needs to feel accepted and welcome. But your new recruits can, and must, also be committed to integration. Read how, here.