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This section provides basic information about the Make it in Germany portal and tells you more about its background and objectives. You will also find potential contacts, information and communications material, as well as our social media activities.

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Presenting Make it in Germany, the official multilingual website. Here, you can find out more about the background to Make it in Germany, its objectives and the players behind it. more

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Find out which target groups in Germany and abroad Make it in Germany is addressing. more

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This is the place to go for information and communications material, such as the “Make it in Germany” flyers and guides; you can also order them here. more

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“Make it in Germany” is also available on Web 2.0. You will find a list of the social media on which “Make it in Germany” is active. more


The “Make it in Germany” app offers comprehensive information about working and living in Germany. more

Is a word on the portal unfamiliar or unclear? Here, as well as an explanation of the term, you will also find a useful aid to translation. more



International qualified professionals can get personal advice on the issues of working and living in Germany via email, Web chat or hotline. more


What's new on the issue of living and working in Germany? What’s the latest on migration and the “culture of welcome”? Here, we keep you informed about the most recent developments. more


In Germany there are numerous sources of tips, information and practical support about living and working here, as well as related topics, to help you plan. Here is a roundup of the most important Internet addresses. more

Easy read

Here, we explain in brief, simple terms how this Web site works. And what you can find here.

Sign language

In this video, we explain all about the “Make it in Germany” Web site content and how to navigate it in sign language. more

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