The Make it in Germany app

Make it in Germany als App ©Fotolia/kantver

The Make it in Germany app informs international qualified professionals about the possibilities of living and working in Germany. This free app posts job vacancies and presents the sectors in search of skilled workers. With Quick Check, people interested in migrating have a means of checking out the opportunities personally open to them in Germany, while international qualified professionals report on their experiences and provide valuable tips for a career in Germany.

The app content is available in German, English and Spanish. You can download the app for free on Apple App Store, on Google Play Store and on Amazon App shop.

Here is a list of the main functions:

  • Quick Check
  • Job listings
  • Push messages for job favourites
  • Save job favourites
  • Local contacts
  • Call hotline
  • Videos on working and living in Germany
  • Guide to working and living in Germany

Make it in Germany live Q&A session on July 26 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET

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