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You are on the “Make it in Germany” Web site. On this page, we will tell you how the Web site works. And what kind of topics you find on the Web site.

How this Web page works

You are on the “Make it in Germany” Web site.

“Make it in Germany” means:

“Be successful (do well) in Germany”.


On this page, we will tell you

how the Web site works.


The Home page shows important topics or things you might want to find out about.

The Make it in Germany logo is on the right-hand side at the top,


If you click the logo. It will always take you back to the Home page.

Under the logo, is a box where you can choose your language. You can choose German or English.


To the left of the language choice box is the Search box.

If you cannot find the information you need

you can search for it.

Just type the word you are looking for in the Enter search term box

Then click the magnifying glass.

A list will come up with the information about the thing you are searching for.


On the left-hand side of the search box it says: For Qualified Professionals and For Businesses.

Click on For Qualified Professionals.

It will show information for people who are looking for work

If you click For Businesses.

It will show information for employers.


At the top of the Home page, you will see a blue line with five topics (things to get information about):


  • Discover Germany
  • Working
  • Visa
  • Living
  • Training and Learning
  • Make it in Germany

This is the main navigation bar that helps you go to different parts of the website


How to use the main navigation bar

You can either click the topic that you want to find about

or move your mouse so the cursor (arrow) is on a word .

When the cursor is on a word, a new menu or list opens up under it.


For example: Discover Germany.

In the menu, there are more words.

You can click these words too.

This means, you can see all the things that are on the Web site.


If you click on Discover Germany

you will see words and videos about Germany.


If you click on Working, you will find information about working in Germany.

For example, there is a Job Exchange.

This tells you about new job vacancies (people who need staff) in Germany.

There is also a Guide.

This tells you how to do things like apply for a job in Germany.


Living gives you ideas about living in Germany.

For example, how to find somewhere to live in Germany, or how to go shopping.


Training and Learning is for young people. It tells you about training for a job in Germany. There is also information about studying in Germany. For example, why it is good to study in Germany.


Make it in Germany tells you all about this Web site:

Who made this Web site?

Why do we need this Web site?

It also has press releases (information we give to newspapers, the TV or radio) and answers to questions that a lot of people ask.


As well as clicking topics on the main navigation bar, you can find information about things you are interested in on the Home Page.

Look for the grey bar under the large photos.

Over the top of this is written My Make it in Germany website. In this bar, you can see 3 boxes that say: 

  • In Germany, I´d like to ...
  • I’m from …
  • Please select your industry …

Click the arrows next to the box. A list will come up. Choose an answer. Then, click on Filter.

The headings below the grey bar will change. Now you will see information about the things you have searched for.

What is Make it in Germany?

Make it in Germany is a campaign. A campaign is planned work to make something happen.

It was set up by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

This is what Make it in Germany wants to do:

We want to: 

  • Make people from other countries feel excited about Germany
  • Show people from other countries that they could work in Germany
  • Tell people that it is worth living and working in Germany.

This is why the Web site has lots of information about Germany.

It tells you about jobs

It has videos of people who live in Germany.

It also shows that Germany is a modern country where people from all over the World live and work.


Make it in Germany is part of another campaign called the “Qualified Professionals Initiative”. This campaign is supported by:

  • the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
  • the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
  • the Federal Employment Agency Job Exchange

The Qualified Professionals Initiative tells people that Germany is going to need more people with good educations in the future.

How can I write to Make it in Germany?

If you want to write a message to Make it in Germany you can use the Contact form.

Click here.

The form has different boxes with a * next to some of them.


You must fill in any boxes with a star next to them.

That means: you must write your name

in the Name box.

You must write your e-mail address in the E-mail address box.

E-mail address

You must choose a subject in the Subject box To do this, click the arrow.


After clicking, you will see 5 answers. Click the answer that says what you are writing about.

Then, in the Message box, write your message to Make it in Germany.


There are other boxes too. You can use these to say what work you do and your age.

That will help us send you more information.

When you have finished writing your message, click Send.

Send message

Your message will then be sent to Make it in Germany.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Make it in Germany live Q&A session on July 26 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET

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