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You will find a list of the social media on which “Make it in Germany” is active here.

„Make it in Germany“ on Twitter

Informative. Fast. Direct: Follow @MakeitinGermany and get the latest on working, learning and living in Germany.

Join the virtual "Make it in Germany” network and enjoy the advantage of real-time information.



YouTube channel: „Make it in Germany“

A wide selection of videos provides fascinating insights and practical tips on living, working and learning in Germany.

The regularly updated video content provides all kinds of information on a varied range of topics. Keep abreast of developments and subscribe to

The “Make it in Germany” team welcomes questions and suggestions about our social media channels. Contact us via our email address: make-it(at)iwkoeln(dot)de.

Make it in Germany live Q&A session on July 26 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET

Do you want to live and work in Germany? We answer all your questions live on our Twitter channel

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