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Germany is just a click away: take a look around a country where progress, well-being and a cosmopolitan outlook converge. Find out what makes it such a worthwhile place to live and let yourself be inspired by the success stories of international qualified professionals in Germany. Learn more about the all the different regions and how you can start preparing for your new life in Germany even before your arrive.

Meeting Germany
German states at a glance

Germany consists of 16 states, the Bundesländer. Here you can find out more about each state: its characteristics, successful industries and its composition of the population. more

Facts and figures

This section provides official statistics and information, organized by category, about living and working in Germany. more

What comes to mind when you think of Germany? Famous Germans like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Franz Beckenbauer? Or perhaps certain automobile companies, or punctuality and discipline? Let us tell you more about our country, its people, the high standard of living and the many and varied opportunities that await you here. more

International skilled professionals who have made a career for themselves in Germany tell of their experiences. more

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