German industry generates high earnings

Despite major economic fluctuations, earnings have risen in most sectors of industry over the past few years. The exporting sectors of industry play an especially important role in this. The automotive industry remains the leader: it posted earnings of 404 billion euros in 2016. As an innovation leader, it is an important contributor to growth and prosperity. Vehicle manufacturing also secures earnings for other sectors, as it has close links with companies in the chemicals, electrical engineering, steel, metal and textile industries. 

Nevertheless, companies in the food industry are also performing well. With a turnover of 172 billion euros in 2016 and as the third-largest food exporter in the world, they offer a wide variety of employment opportunities in wholesale and retail. The electrical engineering and electronics industries offer an equally broad portfolio of services; their earnings totalled 179 billion euros in 2016. You can find out more about Germany’s leading industries here.