Patent applications: Germany is European leader

Since the Middle Ages, Germany has been regarded as the country of great innovations –groundbreaking inventions include the motorbike, the tram and the car. In a globalised world, a country’s innovative strength is crucial if it is to remain one of the global players. This is why companies are protecting their increasingly frequent innovations from imitation by getting them patented. In 2016, Germany topped the European rankings, with 67,899 patent applications. To achieve this capacity for innovation, Germany’s researchers and engineers have to be creative in developing and bold in implementing ideas. But the lack of up-and-coming qualified workers is an obstacle. In order to further strengthen its ability to innovate, Germany is therefore partly dependent on the immigration of highly qualified professionals. In short: smart people are important now and will continue to be so in the future, regardless of whether they come from Germany or from far away.


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