Cities, country and university towns popular with migrants

Germany has a lot to offer: snow-covered mountains, idyllic lakes, tranquil countryside, modern metropolises and tradition-steeped university towns. Immigrants appreciate this: numerous of them prefer, as ever, the cities. In 2015, the German capital of Berlin was the most popular destination for foreign immigrants, with 108,195 newcomers, followed by Munich, with 64,547, and Hamburg, with 48,173 people. The international financial centre of Frankfurt follows in seventh place, with 31,396 immigrants. Nevertheless, scientific centres also attract people. For example, Karlsruhe, one of Europe’s most important centres of information and communication technology, attracts a continuous flow of immigrants from all over the world. The university town of Giessen and its administrative district also ranked in the top rankings in 2015, with 45,950 immigrants. As you can see, Germany has something for everyone!