Diverse range of cultural and recreational activities

Germany also offers an extremely varied and attractive range of cultural and recreational activities. For example, some 90,000 sports clubs covering all kinds of disciplines, such as football, handball and tennis. Anyone can join one of these clubs, which in general offer an inexpensive means of practising an individual or team sport – and meeting people with similar interests. Lovers of literature have 8,000 libraries to browse through in Germany. Libraries also regularly offer cultural events, such as readings or talks, which you can attend for free or for a modest admission price. If history or art is more in your interest, you have the choice of some 4,932 museums nationwide. For musical activities, there are 930 music schools teaching singing, dancing or instruments. If you are interested in attending a music school, you should, first of all, enquire about the cost of lessons, as they can vary from school to school.