Germany: One of the most peaceful countries in the world

The German Basic Law is the most important legal basis for living together in Germany. In this Act, all fundamental rights are anchored, including the protection of human dignity, the right to life and physical integrity, the equality for all before the law, freedom of religion, of opinion and of the press. In comparison, Germany is one of the safest countries worldwide. In the world´s leading ranking “global peace index” Germany is one of the top 20 most peaceful countries (ranked 16 out of 163 countries and regions). Iceland is classified as the world´s safest country, Iraq and Syria as the most dangerous. The peacefulness of a country is determined for this index, such as, from an intact government and corruption rate. The Federal Government is investing heavily in security research to maintain internal security and stability. In 2012, the framework “Research for civil security 2012 to 2017” was resolved, covering more complex tasks as well as security-related issues. In addition to the challenges of protecting society from terrorism or the consequences of natural disasters, it also examines how to improve the firefighter’s protective clothing.