The typical German

A typical day in Germany might look something like this. All Germans spend by far the most time sleeping: more than eight hours. This is followed by housework and looking after the family, over three hours altogether. On average, the Germans spend fewer than three hours working. That might sound surprising – but the statistics include the entire population, even children and retired people. This brings down the average number of working hours for all residents. As a rule, you can schedule eight hours a day for a full-time job. One especially popular recreational activity is sport: Germans spend nearly half an hour a day doing that. Around 20 minutes a day are set aside for voluntary work. A glance at a survey of how much time is spent doing cultural activities shows, what other recreational activities are widespread in Germany: topping the list is watching TV, videos or DVDs, at over 14 hours a week, followed by reading with almost 4 hours. The Germans like to spend the rest of their time with cultural activities, such as visiting theatres, museums and art exhibitions. 

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