Situation of qualified professionals

Therefore, we need qualified professionals in different sectors and regions.

Labour shortages – opportunities differ from region to region

Looking at labour shortages for Germany as a whole says little about the regional opportunities for jobseekers. This is why it is useful to look at the situation in the 402 towns and Landkreise (administrative districts). On average, people of all qualifications in search of employment in 2017 had the best chances of finding it in southern Germany: nationwide, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg posted the fewest jobseekers applying for any one vacancy. Over the year, they were frequently fewer than three. This means that there is an urgent need for labour. Inversely, in large areas of eastern Germany and in many districts in North-Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, there were more than five or even ten jobseekers for one vacancy. Therefore, if you are wondering where, in purely mathematical terms, you have the best chances of finding a job, the best thing to do is move to Lindau, Donau-Ries, Memmingen or to Regensburg– that is, to Bavaria. Here, we explain which occupations are suffering most from a shortage of labour.