Situation of qualified professionals

Therefore, we need qualified professionals in different sectors and regions.

Skilled labour shortages in German companies – Which occupations are in demand

In Germany there is currently no nationwide shortage of skilled, however, it is already affecting certain occupations. The most severely hit are occupations in the sciences and engineering, and in health care. In which occupations current occupational difficulties occur, also strongly depends on the qualification level. A distinction is made between three groups: Skilled professionals are persons with completed, at least two-year vocational training or a comparable qualification; Specialists are workers with a master craftsman's or technician's training, a university of applied sciences/ university degree or a comparable qualification; Experts are persons who have at least a four-year university education or equivalent qualification.

The current skills shortage in specific occupational groups or regions cannot be met fully by the available power supply. Therefore, there is a lack of skilled professionals in the care of the elderly, as well as specialists in refrigeration technology. At the level of the specialists, the shortage refers to the occupations of automation technology, as well as in professional nursing. There is as well shortage at the expert level in IT occupations such as software development and programming, as well as human medicine (excluding dentistry).

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