Situation of qualified professionals

Therefore, we need qualified professionals in different sectors and regions.

(Vocational) training market: thousands of vacancies are unoccupied

Its automotive sector apart, Germany is known the world over for its dual education system in industry and vocational schools. Since the economy is growing and companies need more qualified professionals, the chances of getting a training in Germany are also growing, because thousands of intern vacancies are unoccupied – 48,937 in 2017. In Germany, small and medium-sized businesses especially are facing great difficulties in finding suitable trainees. But they are not powerless. Because even people who are not from the EU may, under certain circumstances, undertake a vocational training course in Germany. In any case, the vocational training market in Germany is open to EU nationals. Regardless of your country of origin, (vocational) training in Germany gives you a good chance of entering the German labour market.