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The capital posts record numbers of business start-ups. This is where the greatest number of new jobs are created in Germany.  People from all over the world move to Berlin to live and work and many companies are setting up their headquarters here. In the city state of Berlin you will find a unique research infrastructure, highly qualified professionals and a lively and inspiring creative scene. Modern, strong on technology and open to innovation are the catchwords that best describe Berlin.


891,7 km²


3,520,031 inhabitants

Number of foreign nationals

627,805 people

The five largest countries of origin are:

  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • Syria
  • Russia
  • Italy

Important industries
  • Health/life sciences
  • Information, communications, media, creative industries
  • Manufacturing trade

Regional characteristics
  • Cosmopolitan metropolis with international appeal
  • Create and innovative start-ups
  • Science and research landscape that is unique in Germany
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