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Together with Berlin, Brandenburg forms Germany's capital region. The state has plenty to offer: While it is an industrial state, located at the centre of major European routes, it also benefits from beautiful natural landscapes which are perfect for recreation and leisure. Its 3000 lakes contribute to Brandenburg's quality of life. As a business location, Brandenburg has made considerable progress over last couple of years. Three times, it has been named the most dynamic business region in German and is a pioneer in renewable energies. Brandenburg has a lot to offer – not only for people of different professional backgrounds, but also for national and international companies. Presently, more than 400 companies with international participations call Brandenburg their home.



The three largest cities

Potsdam (167,745 inhabitants)
Cottbus (99,687 inhabitants)
Brandenburg a.d. Havel (71,574 inhabitants)


29,654,36 km²


2,484,826 inhabitants

Number of foreign nationals

107,855 people

The five largest countries of origin are:

  • Poland
  • Syria
  • Russian Federation
  • Afghanistan
  • Romania

Important industries

  • Trade and commerce
  • Logistics
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Energy
  • Automotive engineering
  • Healthcare

Regional characteristics

  • Potsdam, world heritage site and media and research hub, unites culture and science
  • Brandenburg offers excellent conditions for logistics
  • home to a number of flagship companies which produce state-of-the-art products and technologies

Information on the state
The Brandenburg portal (German, English, Polish) 
Brandenburg Economic Development Board
Information on Brandenburg as a business location (German, English) 

Studying in Brandenburg
Information on courses offered and admission procedures (German, English)

Information for immigrants

Brandenburg portal for qualified professionals
Information about life, work and research in Brandenburg (German, English, Polish, Spanisch, Russian, French, Arabic)

Recognition authorities and advisory centres
Points of initial contact for having your international qualifications recognised (German, English, Polish, Russian, Arabic).

Migration and work
Information on labour market access for foreign professionals (EU, non-EU), labour law provisions, exceptions (German)

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