Lower Saxony

coat of arms Lower Saxony

Strong enterprises, innovative minds and excellent research institutes have turned the state into an excellent location for business and research alike. Lower Saxony is Germany’s second largest state and boasts beautiful landscapes between the Ems and Elbe rivers, the Harz skiing slopes, North Sea seaside towns, offering plenty of fun and relaxing leisure activities, as well as an excellent quality of life.



The three largest cities

Hanover (532,163 inhabitants)
Braunschweig (251,364 inhabitants)
Oldenburg (163,830 inhabitants)


47,615.85 km²


7,926,599 inhabitants

Number of foreign nationals

745,185 people

The five largest countries of origin are:

  • Turkey
  • Poland 
  • Syria
  • Romania
  • Irak

Important industries

  • Automotive engineering
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Power industry, including solar and wind power
  • Healthcare, including life sciences and medicine
  • Maritime industry
  • Electric vehicles
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Information technology

Regional characteristics

  • Combines dynamic economic development with a high quality of life
  • Cultural highlights and beautiful landscapes and cities mean that people enjoy life and feel at home in the state of Lower Saxony
  • Manifold leisure activities – from spending time by the sea to skiing in the Harz mountains
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