Anca, Carer (Romania)

"It’s nice to be needed here."

Three tips from Anca

1. Do some research on the Internet

I already started gathering information about Germany when I was still in Romania, and I would certainly recommend that to everyone. I read up on the German school system on the Internet, for example. That way, I already knew where to enrol my son, who has now joined me here in Germany along with my husband. It’s also helpful to find out in advance which government agencies you ought to contact in the first couple of weeks, and which documents you need. After all, you often require original documents which you should bring along as you enter the country.

2. Complete an internship before moving to Germany

Before deciding to move to Germany permanently, I did some work experience as a carer for the elderly in Munich. That way, I got to know Germany and also gained an impression of my employer, the working conditions and the legal framework. The work was hard, but I also really enjoyed dealing with elderly people. Doing some work experience beforehand certainly is an advantage. If you don’t have that option, I would recommend you talk to your prospective employer as much as possible about your work and life in Germany, so that you can find out whether you would like it.

3. Approach your colleagues

My work colleagues were really friendly and helpful right from the start: when I had to go the tax office, for example, a colleague looked up the address for me and another colleague gave me a map. My employer supported me right from the start, too, from getting a work permit to having my Professional qualification recognised in Germany. I would advise you not to be too shy, but to have an open mind and approach your colleagues when you need help.

Here you can find more information on how you can work as a carer in Germany.

Can I work as a carer in Germany?

Can I work as a carer in Germany?

In order to work permanently in Germany as a carer there are several conditions to fulfill, which in detail you get to know here.

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