Maria, Software-Developer (Spain)

"Germany even brought me closer to my native country."

Three tips from Maria

1. Plan the beginning of your stay in Germany from home

You can get lots of useful tips for the beginning of your stay in Germany from the EU Erasmus education and training programme, as well as from German language schools and the German Embassy – for example, how to get registered as a new resident, or how to get in contact with the foreign residents' registration office. There are some good Web sites when you’re looking for a flat in the early days; you can find them by typing in search terms like “WG” and “in search of”.

2. Look for language tandem partners

To get to know people in Germany and learn the language at the same time, I recommend language tandems. That’s a language exchange between two people from different countries. You can learn new vocabulary and grammar, but also the culture of your tandem partner, while chatting over a cup of coffee. You can find tandem partners through ads at universities and city magazines, in town libraries or on the Internet.

3. Some things you really shouldn’t miss

Visiting a Christmas market or a street market, or in the summer, barbecues and bike rides.

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