Marie, Biochemist (USA)

"If I ever do have children, Germany will be the perfect place for them to grow up in."

3 Tipps von Marie

1. No need to feel afraid of the German language

In Germany, I soon noticed that you don’t need to be afraid of just talking away in German – even if you’re still not sure of yourself and make mistakes. I learned a lot that way. For example, my co-workers often gave me tips on how to say things in German when we were chatting. And if I didn’t manage to make myself understood in everyday situations, I always got by with sign language or English.

2. Getting to know people

If you’re open to new impressions, you’ll soon feel at home here. Regardless of whether it’s by cooking with German friends, shopping at the market – I really appreciate that because of the organic vegetables – or on the underground on the way to work, there are always ways of coming into contact with the people and their culture. And I always find it fascinating to find out how people with different experiences of life from East and West Germany view topical issues, and even the history of their own country.

3. Immerse yourself in the colourful music scene

I can really recommend the music scene here in Berlin. I love to go out to clubs or concerts with my friends to listen to music. Okay, you can do that anywhere, but for me as an American, Berlin is something special. It’s something to do with the people here who have such cool style, and the huge choice of music.

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