Sri, Mechanical Engineer (Indonesia)

"In Germany, there are lots of great things to do with the family in your spare time."

Three tips from Sri

1. Try to meet people from your own country

To settle into Germany quickly, it can help to find out whether there are any cultural or religious associations from your home country. For example, in our Indonesian children’s group, the women often organise rambles together. That way, you keep in contact with people from your own country and settle in faster here.

2. Get useful tips by talking with people

Germans are glad to provide helpful tips. You soon find out what leisure activities are on offer nearby and everything else you need to know about everyday life in Germany by talking with your work colleagues, neighbours or flat mates. That’s how we found out about some great holiday offers for our children, for example.

3. Getting to know nice families through sports clubs

For children, the numerous sports clubs in Germany are great. Most of them offer every kind of sport you can imagine, and you can sign your children or yourself up for any of them. And it costs virtually nothing – for example, our children get a whole year’s sport for just €60. And we parents have benefited too, because we’ve got to know lots of other nice families through the sports club. The parents here are always ready to help one another if need be. For example, our son always goes to handball practice with the parents of one of his team mates from the neighbourhood. In return, we sometimes look after the neighbours' children at weekends.

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