Sundeep (Electrical Engineer)

"Germany is a great place for qualified professionals. It has an exemplary infrastructure and health system. And Germany guarantees freedom of religion!"

Three tips from Sundeep

1. A family to make you feel at home

When I came to study in Germany I knew that times would be rather lonely at the beginning. So I applied for the "family adoption" programme of the International Department of the University of Karlsruhe. This programme has really helped me get to know and love this country. The local family that "adopted" me soon made me feel at home and accompanied me throughout my years of study. We spent lots of time together and "my family" also took me to many places to see, for example, historical sites. I spent every Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and summer holiday with them. This experience very much shaped my notion of Germany and its people. Contrary to some critical remarks I had heard before I got here, the German people are actually very warm and welcoming.

2. Meeting people at the local "family centre"

As a working dad, the best way to get to know people in Germany is to join a course at the local family centre, or "Familienzentrum", as it’s known in German. After the birth of our daughter we used to go there regularly. There is a family centre in every major city here. This way, we got to meet lots of local people. When you have kids, it’s quite easy to make friends because through your children you get in touch with other parents. Plus, our daughter benefited by learning German very quickly.

3. Travelling around the country

We really got to know Germany by travelling around a lot. The Chiemsee in Bavaria, Salzburg in Austria, Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Berchtesgaden, Königssee, Hamburg and the Black Forest are only a few of the places that have really left a lasting impression on us.

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