Guide to "Living in Germany"

You’ve netted the job in Germany – congratulations! Now you need a thing or two to feel perfectly at home in Germany. We accompany you day by day as you search for a flat and open a bank account, suggest ways of travelling around Germany and show you who can help if you fall ill.

Housing: A place where you feel at home

In Germany, there is a large choice of good rentals. This is why many Germans do not buy property, but rent instead. We explain how to find a place to live and provide a few tips on what to look out for before and after you move in. more

Schools and child care

Schools and child care

As far as learning and coming into contact with children of their own age is concerned, your children will be well looked-after in Germany’s nurseries and schools. Find out about what’s on offer. more

Health: excellent, all-round care

It goes without saying that we wish you the best of health. However, if you should fall ill, you will find help fast in the dense network of hospitals, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies. Thanks to your health insurance, medical treatment is affordable. more

The first 100 days in Germany

Our video shows you the important things to know and do in starting out in Germany.

You've started your first week at work. Now you’re probably eager to learn a little more about Germany. An Integration course can help you here – not only will you be able to perfect your German, you'll also learn a lot about the country and its traditions. more

Migration advisory services

At first, you may find many things in Germany unfamiliar. To make sure that you have someone to put your questions to, there are services which provide advice for immigrants. more

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Germany ranks as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It has been largely spared by major natural catastrophes and its political system is stable. No wonder that many people are happy to live here. more

Money and banking

Anyone who wants to live and work in Germany for any length of time needs a bank account. We explain how to open an account and how to transfer money. more

Germany is known the world over as the land of cars. But you can just as easily travel by bicycle, train, bus or plane – thanks to a dense network of airports, roads, railways and cycle paths. more


Germany’s shops have everything you could possibly wish for – from fresh, locally grown vegetables on street markets to low-price home furnishings, right through to luxury articles that are “made in Germany”. We tell you about shop opening times and what you need to know about paying. more

Internet, phones and TV

Internet, phones and TV

Wherever in the world your family and friends live, they’re just a phone call or an e-mail away. To make sure that all goes smoothly, we provide you with a few tips on the best ways to get access to Internet and phone services in Germany. more

Active Citizenship & Communities

Some 23 million Germans are actively engaged in helping other people – through sports clubs, schools, environmental organisations, intercultural groups or religious communities. Maybe you’d like to get involved too, and at the same time make new contacts. You can read about how to do this here. more

International media

International media

Even if you are far from your home country, you don’t have to do without newspapers, TV and films in your own language. In all, Germany has more than 2,500 foreign-language media. We explain how to receive or purchase them. more

Complete Guide to "Living in Germany"

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