Migration advisory services

At first, you may find many things in Germany strange and unfamiliar. To make sure that you have someone to put your questions to, there are services which provide advice for immigrants. There, you and your family can get expert advice and direct, non-bureaucratic support in person-to-person talks. You can find out how these advisory services can help you here.

Migration advisory services

Migration advisory services

Advice for young people with a migrant background

How migration advisory services can help

Migration advisory services assist immigrants as they settle into everyday life in Germany. For example, they provide help in finding a suitable language course or a school for your children. They can also offer advice if you are looking for accommodation, or a doctor. Many of them speak several languages or are in contact with interpreters. This is why the advisory services are also open to anyone who speaks little or no German. You are entitled to make use of the migration advisory services of state-registered agents free of charge. Of course, your affairs are treated confidentially.

Advice for young people with a migrant background

There are more than 450 Youth Migration Services (JMD) throughout Germany geared specifically to young people with a migrant background aged between 12 and 27. The educators in these institutions offer support to young people with a large range of activities.Besides one-to-one advice, these include a broad variety of group activities geared to sport, culture and handicrafts. They also offer application training and courses on how to use the new media.The Youth Migration Services work together with all the relevant agencies and people that play an important role in the integration of young people. An extremely important part of this is working together with schools, businesses and the parents. You can find the localities where Youth Migration Services are available through a variety of youth social work bodies, as well of plenty of other information, on the Youth Migration Services Website.

Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants

The Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants provides advice and assistance for virtually every situation in everyday life. If need be, you can use these services for up to three years, regardless of whether you have already been living in Germany for any length of time, or arrived only recently. The Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants currently has 600 offices.

You can find the nearest Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants to you on the Website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

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