Money and banking

Anyone who intends to stay in Germany in the longer term will need a bank account – for example to rent a flat or for depositing wages. The next section describes how to open an account and how to transfer money.

Money and banking

Account opening

It pays to compare

Anyone who intends to stay in Germany in the longer term will need a bank account – for example to rent a flat or for depositing wages. To open a bank account in Germany, you need the following:

  • your passport
  • your certificate of residency
  • a pay statement from your employer (depending on the account type)
  • for some banks: your work permit

With these documents you can apply for a Current account and an EC card with the bank of your choice. Current accounts with some banks do not allow overdrafts; in other words, they do not permit you to borrow money through your account. Some banks also require that a minimum amount be deposited each month. Make sure to clarify both of these questions before opening an account.

It pays to compare

Banks may differ dramatically in the fees they charge – for managing your account or for each transfer of money, for example. Some banks may waive fees if you deposit a certain amount every month, such as your wages. So it pays to compare when choosing a bank.

Online banking

An online account is an alternative to a Current account. These accounts can be opened on the Internet or by mail, and they can also be used online. They are offered by a number of direct banks – banks that do not have their own physical branches. An online account serves the same purposes as a German Current account, and also has a German account number and routing code. Transfers from and to foreign countries can be made through online accounts.

To open an online account with a direct bank, you need to document your identity using the “Postident” procedure through the German post office. The bank will provide you with the necessary documents. Take them to a post office, show your identification and ask a post office employee to confirm your identity and send the documents to the bank.

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