Vocational training and learning

Germany offers bright prospects for young people from all over the world. Attending one of the German Schools Abroad can be the first step towards a career in your new home country. You can find out what prospects these schools offer here. Also in this section, you can find out all about the advantages of training or studying in Germany, how to apply – and the easiest way to learn the German language.  

Ausbildung in Deutschland - Ausbildung und Studium

Vocational training “made in Germany” is famous the world over and is viewed as a model. Because in Germany you can learn numerous professions – for example in technical fields – in a combination of theory and practice: you spend a few days a week in a company and the other days in school. Here, you can find out which occupations demand vocational training, what requirements you have to meet and what the job prospects are. more

German universities are among the best in the world. They offer a large choice of subjects, are well equipped, provide a high standard of independent teaching and research and are networked internationally. This is why numerous foreign students opt for a German university. Here, you can find out how to find a place on a course and how to embark on a career in Germany after graduating. more

German Schools Abroad offer education to German standards all over the world. You can find out more about the locations and advantages of these schools here.

Learning German is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring that you settle in well to your new home. If you can understand and speak German, you’ll find it easier to get to know people and you’ll be able to cope with all kinds of challenges, whether at work, university or in everyday life.

But German is not only a useful language, it’s also a beautiful language. This is why we’re going show you how and where to learn German – and why it's easier than people often think. What’s more, with us you'll learn how German words have influenced other languages all over the world. more

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