Further training in Germany

In this dossier you will find out why further training is of great significance in Germany, as well as the advantages of lifelong learning.  You will also find helpful tips, what you have to meet for a successful choice and organisation of a further training.

Moving up a rung on the career ladder is only one good reason for lifelong learning and broadening or deepening your knowledge. People who do further training can also expect better job and income prospects. More

Further training is turning increasingly into a precondition for remaining employable until retirement age. Technological advances require lifelong learning. Continuing to learn even after completing vocational training or university studies is widespread practice in Germany. However, different forms of further training courses and qualifications offer you differing profes-sional prospects and opportunities. More

Further training in Germany can open up completely new work and salary prospects. In this section, we explain how to successfully plan for further training and choose a qualified course provider, and what conditions you have to meet. More

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