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Schooling to German standards anywhere in the world? That’s what German Schools Abroad offer.

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German Schools Abroad form a worldwide network of German schools teaching to German education standards. Most of them are bilingual schools attended by pupils of all nationalities. Here, children from Germany are taught together with pupils from other countries. Learn more.

Some 1,100 schools abroad teach the DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, or German language diploma) course. Learn more.

More than 500 national schools abroad teach German and offer the “Fit in Deutsch” language proficiency certificate. Awarded by the Goethe-Institut, this certificate opens up numerous possibilities. Learn more.

Do you have a good command of the German language, are familiar with German culture and can see a future for yourself professionally and personally in Germany? As a graduate of a German School Abroad, there are plenty of opportunities for you to study in Germany. Read more.

You obtained the DSD German language diploma at your school abroad? In that case, you have every chance of taking up a course of study in Germany. Learn more here.

If you want to take up a course of study in Germany you might under certain circumstances be entitled to a scholarship. more

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