Funding to study in Germany

If you want to take up a course of study in Germany you might under certain circumstances be entitled to a scholarship:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) grants around 120 full scholarships each year for studying in Germany. These are aimed at especially gifted non-German graduates of German Schools Abroad (DAS), Deutscher Sprachdiplomschulen (DSD) or FIT schools. Applicants with excellent school results who can expect high marks in their school-leaving examinations can be nominated for a DAAD scholarship by their school or school management. For further information, please enquire at your school or at a DAAD Regional Office near to you.

Specifically for graduates of German Schools Abroad the BIDS support initiative programme offers “motivational scholarships” ("Motivationsstipendium”) to study in Germany. These can provide financial support for university students or students attending a preparatory course for up to two years starting from the first semester. The universities themselves are responsible for awarding the grants and places on courses. If you are interesting in a BIDS “Motivationsstipendium”, the best thing is to inquire directly at one of the participating universities. You can find a list of the universities which are currently part of the BIDS programme.

To pupils of specific schools in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia the Goethe-Institut offers the chance of taking up a course of study at one of the partner universities of the “Studienbrücke Deutschland” programme immediately after leaving school. The “Studienbrücke” scholarship programme comprises language courses, an intercultural pre-study preparatory course and courses to prepare students for examinations. It is aimed especially at pupils in year 9 with outstanding knowledge of STEM subjects. More information about the programme is available here.

You can find out about other possibilities for getting funding to study in Germany on the Web site of the German Academic Exchange Service.

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