Off to Germany with the DSD German language diploma

You obtained the DSD German language diploma at your school abroad? In that case, you have every chance of taking up a course of study in Germany.

If your course is in German, language skills are one of the most important conditions: with a Level II DSD you have proof that you have the requisite German skills to study. Only specific certificates are recognised in this respect. The DSD II is accepted by all German universities. You can find out what other conditions you have to meet to study in Germany in the section “Studying in Germany”.

Even the lower level of this diploma, the DSD I, will facilitate admission to the German higher education system: although it is not enough to apply directly to a university, it provides proof of sufficient language proficiency to attend a preparatory course (“Studienkolleg”). After successfully completing this course, you can apply to universities anywhere in Germany. 

You can find information here on the portal in the section "Funding to study in Germany”.

Information on this portal

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