The German language

Whether at work, out shopping or dealing with the authorities, if you are going to live in Germany in the long term and want to integrate successfully into society, it is crucial to speak German. There are plenty of opportunities for learning the language – lessons, language tandems or online courses, for example. Here, you can find out who offers courses, how much a course costs and how to improve your language skills outside lessons.

You want to learn the German language. We explain a number of ways to go about this from language courses to online learning, where to find information and how to register. more

Anyone can learn German. In this interview, a language teacher tells of the varied content that awaits you in a language course. more

German and other languages have influenced one another reciprocally. Here, you’ll find some German words you may already know – and which words from your home country you can also hear in Germany. more

Is learning German fun?
How long does it take?
And what are the advantages in everyday life? Language students recount their experiences. more

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