3 tips from a trainee

„Be open to the people and culture."

Rodrigo, trainee (Spain)

1. Get involved with the country and the people

My tip is to look ahead and get involved in your new life in Germany. You need to be open to the people and their way of doing things: to the food, the language and the mentality, even if lots of things seem strange and unusual at first. There’s no point in comparing everything with home. But if you’re open-minded and curious, you get to know lots of people. It‘s not a good idea to seek contact only with people from your own country or to travel home too often.

2. Go out and talk to people

If you’re not coping with speaking German very well, you can take a German course too, or have private lessons. I think it's very important and helpful to dare to speak, even if you don’t know the right words. You can practise, for example by going into a shop and asking for something in particular – even if you don’t want to buy anything. Or you can talk to people on the street you think look friendly and ask them for directions, or a place to go out. You’re already holding a conversation! So far I’ve had only positive experiences and I got to know some of my friends that way.

3. Adapt, but don’t dissimulate

Relations between people in Germany are a bit more reserved than in Spain. I think it’s important to adapt to the mentality a little. Even so, you shouldn’t dissimulate, you can express your point of view. People respect you for that and it helps build an open, frank relationship with your co-workers.

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