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Do I need a visa to work in Germany? And which visa regulations apply to me if I want to study or train in Germany? For many, these questions top the list of enquiries when considering looking for a job in Germany and planning the next stage in their career. The answer in a nutshell is: whether or not you need to apply for a visa, and which one, depends on which country you come from and what professional qualifications you have. In our Visa section, we explain the most important aspects about visas for Germany – for example, the different kinds of visa that exist, how to apply for a visa and who can ask for a Blue Card. For an even quicker introduction to the subject, do our Quick Check test to find out what possibilities are open to you for living and working in Germany.  

Assess your options of living and working in Germany.

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Find out which nationalities need a visa to reside in Germany, and which do not. more

In Germany there are different types of visa. But whether they are visas for job-hunting, studying, training or doing research, every residence title has different conditions attached. You’ll find an overview of the numerous visa types here. more

You must apply for your visa in your home country before travelling to Germany. We explain who to contact and what documents you need to apply. more

Are you a qualified professional and want to live and work in Germany? Do you want to study in Germany? Use this world map to get an overview of contacts and offers of German institutions in your country. more

Have you been living in Germany for some time and would like to stay here permanently? This is possible with a settlement permit or through naturalisation. You can find out the advantages of these and what requirements you have to meet here.

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