Five steps to working in Germany

Looking for a job


The German labour market offers worthwhile career opportunities for qualified professionals. Here, we show you how to go about finding your new job.


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Jobseeker’s visa

You might have the possibility of looking for a job here in Germany. Here, we explain which kind of visa you need and where to apply for it. more

Check out job vacancies

You can hunt for vacancies on the job exchange on this portal. Further job openings in Germany are listed on the job exchanges of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the EURES network, to cite two examples. And of course, you can look for suitable advertisements in daily and weekly newspapers – or simply apply to the company of your choice spontaneously. If you would like some personal advice, you call our “Hotline Working and Living in Germany” under the telephone number +49 30 1815 - 1111. Here you will find more information about searching for job vacancies here.

Applying for a job

Already found an interesting vacancy? In that case, you need to submit a written application. We can show you how to make a good impression. more

Getting your qualification recognised

Make sure you know the following things: what is your Professional qualification actually called in Germany? Do you need any additional specific qualifications for the post you have found, or do you need to get your foreign qualification recognised? Armed with this knowledge, you’re sure to score points when you submit your application. more

The job interview

If your application makes a good impression, the company will invite you for a job interview. Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed your first step towards working in Germany. We can provide some helpful tips as you prepare for your interview. more

Signing your work contract

You want the job! The company wants you! All that's left to do now is to sign your work contract. Read the whole text carefully – it tells you about the principal terms and conditions of your new job. more

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