Five steps to working in Germany


Look for accommodation and move in

Welcome to Germany! What you need now for you and your family to feel really at home is appropriate accommodation. We explain all you need to know about finding somewhere to live and move in.

Your first accomodation

For the first few weeks, it is best to stay in hotels, youth hostels, short-term rented accommodation or take a flat share. That will give you time and leisure to shop around for the right kind of accommodation and take a close look at properties. more

Looking for housing

You’ll find offers for accommodation on property Web sites, or in the small ads of local daily newspapers. Perhaps your new colleague will be able to provide some tips about finding somewhere to live. Find out what the price of rental per square metre is in the place where you want to live. To do this, ask the municipal authorities for the rent index, which provides this information. Here are some easy ways of finding the best offers. more

Signing a lease

Before moving into rented accommodation, you will need to sign a lease. Among other things, the lease states how much you will be paying for your accommodation every month. Before signing, make sure to check what ancillary costs are included in the rent and what costs might be charged on top. more

A successful move-in

Now you're ready to move in. Don’t forget to contact the service providers so that by the time you move in you already have a telephone line, Internet connection, power and water supply and television. more

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