Five steps to working in Germany

Settling in

Settle in to life in Germany

You’ve done it all: you’ve found somewhere to live; you know the routine at the office by now and most of your colleagues not only know your name, but also one or two things about your home country. Now you’re ready for everyday life in Germany. We can help you with a few tips.

Making friends

You will feel at home much more quickly if you're surrounded by friends and acquaintances. You can make friends through (sports) clubs or at events. There are also plenty of opportunities to get to know people with similar interests over the Internet. Another way is through integration courses. There you’ll get to know people who arrived in Germany only recently – just like you. Quite incidentally, the courses will help you improve your German and teach you more about your new home country. more

Discovering Germany

How about a couple of excursions to discover Germany? Take a trip to the Bavarian Alps, or to the North Sea or Baltic coast, for example. Go shopping in Berlin, or take a boat trip around Hamburg harbour. If you wish to drive somewhere by car, check whether your driving licence is valid in Germany. If you prefer to travel by train, look into the numerous special offers. more

Opening a bank account

It is advisable to open a Current account with a bank very soon after you arrive. All you will need is your passport, residence certificate showing your address and, in some cases, a pay slip from your employer. To send money home, you can either use the SWIFT transfer facility or money transfer companies, or send cheques by registered post. more

Staying healthy

We don’t wish this on you, but it could happen that either you or a member of your family falls ill in Germany at some point. Thanks to the statutory health insurance, you’re well insured should that be the case. You will find a doctor in the telephone directory, on the Web pages of the locality where you live or on interactive online maps, for example; or ask your colleagues for advice. In an emergency, dial 112. After a short while, an emergency doctor will arrive. more

Seek advice!

Some things might seem strange or unusual to you when you first arrive in Germany. It may be helpful to seek professional and personal advice and support to assist you in dealing with some everyday challenges. The staff at the immigration advice service for adult immigrants will conduct an initial consultation with you to better understand your specific circumstances. If you’d like, they can then discuss further steps with you that can help facilitate your integration. Find your closest immigration advice service here.

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