Guide to "Working in Germany"

In Germany, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified professionals like you. Find out here how to track down worthwhile job offers and let us be your guide to Germany with information about the immigration conditions you need to fulfil, how to get your professional qualifications recognised and the question of language skills.

Once you arrive, you will find a well-developed Social security system that protects you and your family against the major risks. We show you how it works.

Guide to "Working in Germany"
Looking for a job

You have decided to embark on a career in Germany. We show you how to go about finding the right employer for you – starting with searches on the Internet right through to visits to job fairs. more


Do I need a visa to work in Germany? And what conditions apply to me? This is the first question many people ask themselves. Here, we explain the main aspects. more

Applying for a job

Found an exciting job offer? Then it’s time to start applying. You can find out the best way to apply and present yourself here

Work contract

You have successfully applied for a job. Congratulations! Germany is just around the corner. To round off the job-hunting part, all you have to do now is sign the work contract. Before you do, here are a few things to look out for. more

Recognition of vocational credentials

There are different names all over the world for similar professional qualifications, and so it is possible that German companies will not be familiar with your Professional qualification. So take our advice – have your qualification recognised. You can find out how to here


The most important tax for jobholders in Germany is income tax. Here, we explain how to calculate the amount you have to pay and how you might be able to get some of the tax which was withheld from your salary back again. more

Social security

Germany has a well-developed Social security system. This means that as an employee, you are fully insured against the major risks. Explain the different kinds of statutory insurance that exist. more

Before or after arriving in Germany, over the Internet, while watching TV, in a language school or while cooking with German friends, there are all kinds of ways to learn German. Find out more about language-learning and the German language. more.

Opportunities for family members

From outstanding schools to full football stadiums at the weekend, from leisure parks to exciting career prospects, Germany has plenty to offer families. So simply bring your spouse and children with you to Germany. Here, we explain how to go about it. more.

Complete Guide to "Working in Germany"

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